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This website and the research that went into it are the result of a desire to not only locate the missing members of our family tree, but also to understand and preserve our origins and the unique journey our families made through time.

It seems every family has its own traditions, challenges, tragedies, achievements, family lore, and mysteries. We've been working to uncover ours, and at times it's been exciting and at other times devastating, but it's overall far from dull and much more interesting than we'd ever imagined when just starting out.

More than anything, though, this website is a tribute to those who came before us and a legacy for our children and grandchildren. We hope this is a gift they will cherish.

Of course, this is also an ongoing project, and we greatly appreciate and welcome all contributions, suggestions, and corrections. Through the years, info has come to us from wonderful cousins located all over the globe, and we are truly grateful for their kindness and generosity!

Please note that we respect living people and their info is privatized.

Remembering Those Who Came Before Us

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Mysteries & Discoveries

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Be sure and check out our Most Wanted section for details regarding our mysteries, including unidentified people in photos and elusive family members. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, to see what we've recently found and added to the site, including images, documents, news clips, new family members, etc., please see What's New.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Charles & Lilly Nelson
One family's journey.

feature 2 Carl & Amelia Nelson
From Norway to Minnesota.

feature 3 Johann & Hilka Badberg
Germany to Nebraska in 1871.

feature 4 Cephas &
Lucinda Estey

In 1854, Cephas and Lucinda settled in Iowa.

feature 5 Salem Witch Trials
The horrific fate of one of our great-grandmothers...

feature 6 Mysterious Death of Samuel Thompson
Was it an accident?

feature 7 A Very First

A Mayflower passenger.

feature 8 Almost Swindled
Witness for the Prosecution.

feature 9 John Yeager, Pioneer
Killed during Indian ambush.

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